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FTX App Trading - Identity Verification



  • fazalwalijan

    I submitted again how long again take verification time

  • Roko Game

    Yes I make verification long time no working

  • Danny Nelson

    Absolutely horrible. Have the app for three weeks now and still no verification. Even after emailing and getting 15 tickets To fix it and also I posted pictures and my information to their accounts on Facebook messenger, Instagram, and even Twitter. Did that help at all? No it’s been 11 days later now and still nothing. This is horrible

  • Freddy16666

    Awfull! I've got a message that my id verification IS ok and i still expérience trouble when loging in. I got everytime an error message that i got a message on id vérification to be checked and the support After a few requests advice to remove the app and download it again what i did in vain
    I want to make New investments selling or buying and nothing IS possible. Horrible

  • mani p

    என்னுடைய லைட்காயின் முகவரி வாங்க மற்றும் விற்க்க தடை செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளது அதனை நான் திரும்ப பெற நான் என்ன செய்ய வேண்டும்

  • Freddy Romero

    Olvido contraseña la restablezco y pierdo mi cartera con todas mis criptomonedas...

  • Bernadeau, Jean

    I have not been able to login into my account for the past 2 weeks - I've sent many emails to the support team and no one has been able to help. This so frustrating and I believe it's because you guys are making so much money and you don't seen to care about anyone . I have money in my wallet that I can access - I can't anything and been loosing money because of this issue . This the worst costumer service I've experience

  • vera regis

    Meu portfolio também sumiu não consigo mais movimentar sumiram minhas moedas.preciso de ajuda por favor.

  • Ferogan Gabbay

    Secure2invest has worked tirelessly to help me recover my funds and I appreciate them for that. It was a bumpy road with all the instructions that I was given but I followed them to the very end because they keep telling me that the recovery of funds is not an easy process but in the end, they came through for me. Thanks so much,  contact @ secure2invest . Com or WhatsApp: +14253121045



    I am really disappointed in the FTX app.  Support & Customer Service is absolutely horrible.  I can't believe they don't have an 800-customer service number to try and resolve problems with their app.  Ever since the app required account holders to use Microsoft Authenticator for 2-factor authentication, I have had problems.  Now, I can't even get into my account.

    I really wish that Blockfolio didn't merge with FTX, as they are absolutely horrible.

  • Craig McLay

    I upgraded the Blockfolio app and now all access to my previous Portfolio's is lost and I am only allowed to create new Portfolio's ... Signing into FTX Blockfolio simply puts me into a constant loop asking me to sign out and log in again! Support has responded ... but gives only a non-use answer without step by step meaningful results!! After sending three submissions ... they ask me to delete all previous emails!!! "HOW DOES that help my situation??? Still awaiting answers. Even reviewing their previous emails which goes to FAQ - Frequently asked questions ... does not resolve this issue!!
    *NEED HELP!!!

  • Augustine NFT

    Can anyone help me? I buy SOL through FT Wallet but when I use it on FTX pay still asking none is reflecting in my balance and authentication is being asked but I am verified already. Please help

  • 차겁거나뜨겁거나

    It's driving me crazy
    I'm inquiring because I can't access it when the login is released, but when are you telling me how to find the coin?


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