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Deposit and Withdrawal Limits and Policies



  • Mizanur Rahman

    Good apps

  • R Bettencourt

    Hi Sam.

    I'm a UK based customer and I recently starting using the blockfolio ftx app. So far it's been very positive and I'm very impressed with its features and Cs.

    Recently though I have been let down and i want to bring something to your intention. It's a small issue in the overall scheme of things but nonetheless it's important to me.

    I deposited a small amount of GBP fiat £50 to test the functionality of deposit and interest. I then tested the withdrawal functionality but was disappointed to learn from support (307983 ticket) that there's a 100 dollar minimum withdrawal. I raised this with support as this limit was not mentioned in your contractual terms and conditions. I didn't receive a proper response and support ignored my request to raise a complaint.

    Please can your team look into this for me and escalate to the right channel please.

  • Kumisha Palmer

    Why cant I send more then $5'000 I don't understand

  • mohammad aman shah shahdan

    sent me my house

  • mohammad aman shah shahdan

    my house no33,usj13/3d,subang jaya, no fon 01161837377

  • mohammad aman shah shahdan

    give me date 10.9.2021..inshaAllah

  • Paul TMorro

    Can you update article to clarify if this applies to both fiat and crypto. Are these limits for fiat or also for crypto. Is it correct to say that max crypto deposit is 30k in a 10 day window for a verified user ?? What about crypto withdrawal limit

  • 두부쉰

    장난하나 미리공지를하던지 자금을동결하면 어쩌자는거야?


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