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FTX App Troubleshooting: Common Questions and Answers



  • Joachim051993

    Salut à tous, j'ai un problème de connexion. Parce que quand je le mets Email et mode passe, je l'envoie puis il me dit qu'il va m'envoyer un lien unique pour authentifier votre connexion et jamais expedier pour que j'ai connecter à mon compte .s'il vous plait aide moi?

  • Joachim051993

    Parce que j'ai de l'rgent dans mon compte

  • CharlesDY 5109999

    Two Factor Authentication Reset issue

    My Authenticator doesn't give the right code any longer. How can I reset the app without it asking for an Authenticator code? I've already did the following steps:

    Clear cash of app
    Clear data of app
    Delete app
    Install app again
    Login as non-US resident
    Still it asks for a Authenticator code!

    I have sent a letter to your team, but your company has not responded, back and forth several times. Ask your company to propose your solution.

    Hey all, my 2FA has been reset by the support team. I'm now able to use the app and also have access to my assets. Of course I've retrieved all the assets from FTX(blockfolio)...


  • Saadia Ishfaq

    It has been almost 6 days since I'm unable to log into the ftx app formerly blockfolio. Previously it was working just fine but after an update , suddenly it has logged me out and won't let me log into my account , it won't send any password reset email to my inbox , I've probably tried more than 20 times. The support team haven't gotten back to me from ftx blockfolio so I had to reach out on ftx us support ticket to resolve this matter and also tried telegram group where there are plenty of scammers and hardly any help. I have shared screen recordings and photos of everything and anything to get them tp solve the issue. So far I've been going in circles. Now either it says you aren't allowed to open app in usa or that 400 and unknown error. Finally using VPN I managed to log in using Google ID but it is showing me a blank zero balance account . No signs of my deposit or Previous order history and tax forms . I don't know why all of a sudden this problem has come up but I hope I recover my money soon

  • Robin Zuransky

    I paid $55 and something on this account over 8 days ago and still have not been able to do anything with it this is the worst sight ever all I ask for is for my fucking money back and I'm still sitting here wanting they're wanting more identification they've got my driver's license they got my least they got my bank statements they got my bank card how much more proof do I need to send them before they release my money basketball season will be over time I get mine

  • Yu-wei Wang

    I use apple Id to register and log in. The first login does not require email authentication, and I can receive currency through the wallet link, but the second login requires an email to enter the authentication code, and I cannot receive the email, which makes me deceived I feel that many people who leave a message can't get their assets like me.


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