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Getting in touch with FTX App Support



  • David Duroure

    How do I know if I have been verified? I was trying to make a deposit from my bank using my debit card and it only allowed me to put $2,000 in my FTX account.

  • Ronny Giron

    I want to close my account because someone keeps hacking in, and taking my account, and or locking me our of it! I want a check. Or everything to be transferred to one of my choice accounts.

  • Ak Glover

    How do I withdarow my funs

  • Michael “DJ MC” Colin

    How do I get tax information? Transaction history?

  • kristin krishtovao
    good afternoon, I have a problem with the withdrawal of funds from my account to a cryptocurrency wallet
  • Jack LIZARD

    I just want to let you guys know that when I first downloaded this app it really sucked it was so hard to deal with but with every new update you do it improves it immensely the one I downloaded the afternoon sovled the couple problems it is getting better and better every time you do that do a little more often and keep up the good work I just wanted to let you know that it is working cuz it was terrible to deal with in the beginning but it's a lot better now thank you very much thought I'd let you know

  • Fabian Athayde

    It's not working for me


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